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The Adventure Continues...

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Reading Tropes:


  • Twisted Fairy Tale

  • Peter Pan Retelling 

  • Morally Gray Males

  • She’s Mine

  • Spice 🌶

Ever heard of the story of Peter Pan?

It was my favorite growing up. 

Dazzling adventures. Sword-fighting pirates. Fairies. It had everything a young heart could want, including a handsome boy to guide the way.

Want to know something cool? Neverland is real. It's beautiful, and magical, and filled with so much more than the novels described. 

I was stupid. The whole time I was there I wanted to find my way home. Now that I've been brought back, I have to return. 

Peter is gone.

Shadow abandoned me.

The Lost are in danger.

And I... 

I have no clue how to get back to them. 

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