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Proofreading is the most straightforward aspect of editing.

It’s all about finding errors, both big and small, that were either missed or 

introduced during the editing process. Even though it’s a less extensive task, it’s 

still an important step in preparing a piece of creative work to be read by others.


By the time a manuscript is ready to be proofread, we're working with the final draft. 

This means that the content within should already be well-written and easy to follow. 

Line, copy, and developmental editing also involve removing errors, but they focus 

more on making sure the story makes sense as a whole.

 What I look for while proofreading:

Typographical errors

Minor spelling and punctuation mistakes

Page number and layout problems


Proofreading will begin once all other editing has been completed. 

This is the last task I'll complete before it's ready for your review.

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