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“Your soul burns too bright for the world you were born into.”

I swear I never get tired of seeing the beautiful graphics or reading reviews

Today's spotlight goes to @kristenreadsitall

I absolutely ADORE retellings and this one did not disappoint. Wednesday is such a relatable FMC, I found it impossible not to love her. The chemistry between her and Peter is fiercely passionate.

“There are a million women in existence throughout the universe, but there is no other soul in all the galaxies like yours.”

I wonder if he listens outside my door when I whisper his name, wishing it was his fingers beneath my panties instead of mine.

The Lost Darling is fast paced, steamy, unique, and swoon worthy. There’s so many questions that have yet to be answered in this story and the cliffhanger ending was one I never saw coming. I cannot wait for the next book to get some answers and see where this story takes us!

“Tell me the truth, there’s something here, isn’t there?” She hesitates and her big browns reach mine. “I’m not imagining it. Right?” “What we have is more than something, Darling. So much more.”

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Have you read The Lost Darling yet?

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