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Wednesday Inspiration: In Too Deep

So if we’re talking about inspiration, I have to go way way back. All the way to the origional publication (that was quite cringy) under an ancient and no longer used pen name. Am I going to tell you what that is? Nope because it will scare you away. I still get nightmare from that work sometimes. It was bad persay, just lacking in a lot of areas.

Anyway, this amazing little novella was loosely inspired by my BFF Jessica. Her life was in a rough place and I fantasized about the perfect relationship for her. Fastforward three years and she actually met and got engaged to a guy with the same name as the MMC!

I couldn’t have ever pictured that happening but who knows, maybe I’m a secret magical matchmaker. Anyone looking for a hunk in their life? JK.

Anyway, with a new penname came a new version of the story and we were (re)introduced to Noah and Harper. Their spicy love story was fast-tracked to a fake dating, second chance novella that is literally swoon worthy. It’s up there in my favorite fake-dating tropes.

What’s your favorite fake-dating story? Drop a comment below and let me know 🙂

Don’t forget, we are giving away an Ebook copy or two on Sunday. All you have to do to be entered is like this post and drop a comment :)





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