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Vibe by Liza James


Vibe by @lizajamesauthor is coming September 10!



This wasn’t the life I was meant to live. 

No, I should be working on solidifying my ladder of ascension.

No matter what the cost or what I had to give up.

No matter what they made me do. 

Their little wildflower, that’s who I am. Quiet, meek, gullible. 

Until I met the one person who changed all of it and became something more. 

She’s my filthiest secret. 

And one I intend on taking to the grave. 


Another night at the club I work at—Pandora’s Box. 

Another dance, another tease, another round of shots and callously thrown dollar bills. 

Until her. 

Until the energy shifted and one moment became the only thing that mattered. 

Because she changed everything, claiming my attention and making it hers. 

My dangerous little mistake, my favorite enticing regret. 

My Vibe Girl.

TRIGGER WARNING: This book confronts serious issues that can be potential triggers, such as rape, drugs, and violence. It does contain scenes in which sexual content is written in explicit detail.

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