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The Cerise: Meet Riot

✨ Character Spotlight: Meet Riot! ✨

Introducing Riot: the brooding soldier you won't be able to resist in The Cerise. Don't let his rough exterior fool you, this guy is a secret softy. The Cerise hits shelves on February 21st, and here's what you can expect:

🗡️ A witch in a world where magic is illegal

🗡️A revenge mission

🗡️ A rescue mission

🗡️ Death. People die. Sorry, not sorry.

🗡️ 2 love interests (not a RH and not a triangle)

🗡️ A touch of enemies to lovers

🗡️ He falls first she falls harder

And that's just the beginning! Preorder your ebook now on Amazon ( , and stay tuned for paperback availability or visit my website (link in bio) to uncover more about The Cerise Let the adventure begin!

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