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Thankful for the unexpected hero

I know what you're thinking... Asher is the unexpected hero. The surprise love interest we all saw coming. The edgy boy with a troubled past who was there all along. That all may be true, but the hero is you.

The reader.

You are the lifeblood of a book. Without your willingness to read and leave reviews every book out there would be forgotten. So every Thursday I am going to make a shout-out to YOU because you deserve it. I love every single one of you (even if you didn't like my books)

Have you read Unexpected yet?

When Elaine’s long time, secret boyfriend decides he’s over their relationship she does the unthinkable. Dates his arch-enemy, Asher. A guy she can barely stand to look at, until he lets her into his life. Suddenly, Elaine is feeling a lot more than hate for Asher and now she has to choose between the guy who broke her heart and the one who was never supposed to have it.





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