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Teaser Tuesday: The Cerise

It's #TeaserTuesday Are you ready for another sneak peek of The Cerise?

Coming February 21st! Head on over to Amazon, or check the link in my bio to learn more.

I had a plan. Find the soldier who killed my family and make him pay. It should have been an easy feat. I’d done it over a dozen times, taking out each member of that regiment one by one, but the mission went sideways. It all started with the man in the woods. The one my webs of magic couldn’t sense even when he stood before me. Then my partner made a mistake, and now he’s lying in one of the Crown’s dungeons fighting for his life. I couldn’t leave him to die, but I couldn’t just walk into the castle either. 

Or maybe I could. 

With the help of some unexpected allies, I entered the Culling—a one-in-a-lifetime chance to become queen. I have no interest in winning the prince’s heart or the crown. My only goal is to get into the castle, find my friend, and get out before someone realizes I’m a Cerise. 

​​​​​​​But when the welcome ball turns from a grand event into a nightmarish dance of death, all eyes are on me. As if that’s not bad enough, the soldier, the one who took my family, he’s here. 

If you loved "The Selection" by Kiera Cass and "From Blood and Ash" by Jennifer L. Armentrout, get ready to fall in love with this enchanting fantasy romance!

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