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Recent Reads: Hopeless Magic

Warning: Spoilers!

This is the second book in the original Reckless Magic trilogy. We pick up right after Edden's life implies. She goes from a happy, lovestruck teen to a scorned woman. Her brother is kidnapped, Grandfather dead. And now she is on a quest to get revenge because it is all Kiran's fault.

Speaking of Kiran, even though he upwind up engaged to that bitch again, he is literally dying of a broken heart with out Eden. Can you say swoon <3 Unfortunately, by this point a lot of time has passed and Eden has started a relationship to someone else. It doesn't matter tho. Kiran gives Eden every opportunity to come back to him. He truly believes that they are meant for each other.

Be warned, this book ends on a huge cliffy, which it the reason for 4 stars. I haaaaate cliff hangers. If I hadn't been reading on my phone, I probably would have chucked it across the room. I 100% recommend.

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