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Question of the Day

Fairyloot and Owlcrate have gloriously decorated my shelves, but for the sake of fairness I don't think those should count. And due to the super rareness ofthe Fourthwing sprayed edges I'm not counting that one eaither. So, my run of the mill, everyone can buy it book is... the hard back box edition of ACOTAR. its sold everywhere and black with gold foiling.

Now if I were to pick a book box favorite... I think that would have to be Belladonna. For one it's goreous with purple edges but also the story line is amazing too. It was suggested in my newsletter a few weeks back, which if you aren't a subscriber I reccomend checking it out. There are lots monthly freebies and behind the scenes exclusives sent out weekly.

But I digress. What is your pretties book on your shelf?

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