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Monday Blues on a Tuesday

I keep thinking today is Monday because I did nothing I was supposed to do yesterday. I have only two days left to spend on this Mystery Magical-Selection project and instead of writing on this three-day weekend I read, revamped the website (you should totally check it out), and spent time with the family. A much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of life.

I did not finish any books. In fact, I think I'm currently juggling four open books at the moment.

The Darkening by Sunya Mara, Valetti Crime Family by Willow Winters, Fathom by Alexandria James, and Broken Bonds by J. Bree. All of which are great, but I'm a mood reader. And lately, my mood has been funky.

Any suggestions on what to throw into the mix?

Have you read something that sucked you in so hard you couldn't put it down?

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