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Today's review spotlight comes from @bookish.bai Thank you so much for the beautiful graphic and kind words

The Lost Darling by Bailey Black


-Peter Pan retelling

-Enemies to lovers

-Holy plot twists

-Very intriguing!

One Sentence Synopsis: Wens is taken to Neverland by Peter.

Alright. Peter in this is hot hot hot. I was drawn to him and intrigued immediately when he showed up, as was our main character, Wens. I’ve read a lot of Peter Pan retellings and this one is fresh and cool. I want more. My brain needs more. Even though it was multi-POV, my brain is still so curious about so many things with the world and such. And that ending gave me even more questions. I will be eagerly awaiting the next book!

Have you read The Lost Darling yet?

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