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Just Like Home Cover reveal


JUST LIKE HOME by @dgardin is coming October 19!


The biggest secret in her past is the only thing that really matters…

Brantley It’s the best, smartest decision I ever made. It’s also the one part of my life no one knows about. Until the day everything twists, changes, becomes something I never thought my life would be. Now, I have to trust the one person I swore I’d never put my faith in, my best friend’s brother-in-law. My fierce attraction for him is unexplainable.. But my fear of loving him is even stronger.

Axel I’d rather be up in the sky, flying my F-16. But that life ended the moment my brother went blind. Helping him became my new mission, but I miss the Air Force life. Nothing makes sense anymore, that is until Brantley Hughes walks into my world with chaos streaming behind her. What’s she hiding? Why does she insist on shutting me out, no matter how hard I try to break down her walls? 

When Brantley’s secret is revealed, Axel’s the only one who can keep her safe. Brantley will know if she can finally have the one thing she’s always wanted...a real home.

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