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Jagged little hood is live!

Happy release day L.D. Wosar!

Stevie Capot/Stephanie Corbeau

I didn’t ask ta take over the reign as queen of a broken kingdom; however, I wasn’t given much of a choice after we killed the King responsible fer ma kin’s slaughter. Running away from impending death seems ta be common and it’s a vicious cycle which I need ta put the brakes on or it will be ma immortal undoing.

Rowan Shaw

Am I accustomed to the Corbeau marriage? Of course not, since I cannot bring myself to get over what I’ve lost with Stevie. I've resorted to being her advisor, which is acceptable but I am not satisfied with being second in charge of a queen who has no idea how to my opinion, anyway.

Sebastian Corbeau

I love my wife, I truly do but I question her decision to rule this kingdom. I never had to worry about her being in danger in San Francisco, we weren’t entirely close to the elements that want her dead. Why do they want Stephanie dead? It’s simple-they are intimidated by the very woman they know can crumble their existence; and I will be fighting beside her every inch of the way

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