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Jaded Vamp

Jaded Vamp Series Book 1

by L.D. Wosar

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Kaysee Goad

I was born only to be a menace to society until I was ratted out and became a menace inside of

the walls of the Swift Correctional Facility in Southern California while doing an LWOP

sentence. However, freedom came in the form of sacrificing my mortality to become an immortal

killer - a kick-ass vamp. In my journey to immortality, my bond with my maker, Dominic

Belluomo opens the door to not only great and powerful love, but to be an elite soldier in his

Milite Coven. It is my duty to drain those who did me wrong, to protect my coven, and to protect

the man who spared my life.

Dominic Belluomo

When my thoughts were first overwhelmed with visions of inmate Goad, all I could envision was

the resurrection of my love, Kassandra Lillywhite. I chose to sacrifice a young girl’s wasted life

for my own selfish reasons-I wanted to feel my love again. However, Kaycee Goad teaches me

to be patient and what real love is. She is my mate, she is my elite soldier with a huge IDGAF

attitude who could save this dying covenant. Kaycee Goad is my forever love and I do

everything in my power to protect what’s mine.

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About the Author

LD Wosar writes Western Fantasy. She's from Olympia, Washington but currently living in Las

Vegas and works in the Gaming Industry. She's written the Western trilogy, Kit Weston

Chronicles, A Capot Adventure Series, and newly a time-travel adventure, Relic. Writing is her

obsession, which she spends all of her free time writing stories with a Paranormal flare.

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