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It's Official... I started a Patreon

So I've been on the fence with this for a while. I didn't want to journey down this road without being able to put myself on a schedule and have quality items to offer. I wanted to make this valuable to YOU the reader but also not overwhelm myself in the process. I've decided to only offer two levels.

Reader Experience $5:

At this level readers will get Access to polls and discussions, a Quarterly eBook with an exclusive cover, a Free Quarterly Sticker, weekly Chapters of Current Work in Progress (Starting with The Island of the Lost), and first looks at character art and covers

Book Lover Experience $10:

At this level readers will get Free Quarterly Paperback with exclusive cover and character art (US only, all others will pay shipping), automatic access to Arcs (ebook), access to Audiobooks, bonus scenes when available, plus Everything in the $5 Tier

As the following grows I plan to add more items but this is my starting point. Interested? Follow the link to sign up! The first chapter of The Island of the Lost will be posted July 3rd and I'm kicking off the membership with an Audiobook June 15th!

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