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Grounded by Amanda faye is coming August 18th!

Grounded by Amanda faye is coming August 18th!

We have the HOT cover to share!

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When shit hits the fan, it splatters everywhere.

As a single woman who works from home, the world shutting down around you isn't impactful. Seriously, what changes? You're already locked away, isolated in your own little bubble.

But then a pandemic strikes, restrictions are put in place, and along comes Derrick.

My childhood crush and my brother's best friend. Oh, did I mention he's a hot as sin Airline Pilot? With a quarantine in full effect, he's grounded two-thousand miles from home and—you've guessed it, begging for my couch and a fridge to eat out of until, well, to be determined.

Locked at home is one thing. Locked inside with Derrick is a whole other beast. I'm officially screwed.




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