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Give Nothing Back Review

I absolutely LOVED this novel. When I discovered Heather back in August, I devoured her debut novel, Take What You Can, in one weekend. I was heart broken when I learned the second half of this duet hadn't been released. I waited impatiently, slightly stalking her Instagram, for updates. She teased me with pictures of her working on the story. It was evil.

Finally, she opened her list up for ARC readers and I jumped on the opportunity.

I pushed my own book aside to read this one because I needed to know what happened.

NO spoilers here, because I don't want to rob you of the experience. I will say that Paige and Fredrick get their happily ever after, even though his methods to make that happen grated my nerves. Love Fredrick to bits but that man needs to learn how to communicate!

In the end, my only complaint is that I wanted more.

5 fantastic stars for this contemporary romance.

High school and dating are hard, but even more so when your boyfriend is a modern-day pirate.

Paige Lawson has just survived her most terrifying and exciting summer, and senior year is about to begin. Getting back to her normal life is one thing, but figuring out where the pirates fit in is another challenge entirely.

And sensing Fredrick has more secrets to hide, she’s compelled to find answers—answers she’ll get with the unexpected arrival of Fredrick’s father.

His presence brings new dangers, not only for Fredrick and the gang but Paige, too. Faced with new challenges, she’ll have to decide how far she’s willing to go before she loses herself in Fredrick’s world completely.

Heather Garvin is the author behind @heathergarvinbooks, and she originally wrote what would later become Take What You Can when she was still in high school. After years of the forgotten manuscript collecting dust, she decided to revisit the project with fresh eyes. Take What You Can is Heather's debut novel... with a sequel on the way!

Aside from being a writer, Heather wears many hats. By day, she works as a sign language interpreter, but she is also a wife to an awesome husband, dog-mom (x3!), yogi, and recreational horseback rider. Regardless of Florida's unforgiving heat, Heather loves spending her time in the great outdoors.

Heather's horse Tuskan is the inspiration behind her newfound publishing company, Tuskan Publishing LLC.

Visit for updates on Heather's new novels and Tuskan Publishing's featured novels!

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