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Get to Know Me: Top 5 Reads

I might not do it as much as I used to, but I love to talk about books! Currently, these are. my top 5 this year:

Fourth Wing: I can't stop raving about this one. Love triangle, enemies to lovers, dragons, and so many fan theories!!!

Belladonna: Of the five...this one was the least spicy. I know it's there, but I'm pretty sure it's fade to black but the story didn't need it. It was so good! Say hello to Death and the only human he can touch. She doesn't die! (Established in chapter one so don't worry this isn't a spoiler). But their relationship does not start off on the best foot.

Love on the Brain: A cute easy rom-com, with spice, relatable humor, and just a bundle of cuteness.

Haunting Adeline: This is probably the darkest book on this list. If you haven't read it please check the CWs because some parts were hard for me to get through. That being said...holy ****

Kingdom of the Wicked: Again, another nonspicy book but the witchy lore was great, and the fact that each deadly sin has its own sexy devil...I loved this one. The not so much.

What are one of your top reads this year?

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