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Copy of Get to Know Me: How many books have I published?

Some of you might have heard the story before, but Falling for You is extra special to me. For one, it is a re-write of I book I published under a dead penname. The OG was the first story I'd ever written, so that holds a particularly special spot in my heart. But what makes this even greater is that there is one chapter that actually happened in my life.

In the scene where Josh first meets Layla and he says, "I'm a bull rider" and she is unimpressed. Yeah... that actually happened. I was nineteen years old and had just left a party with my friend (we'll call her Cara for anonymity reasons). It was late, and we were riding down HWY 60 when she recognized a set of headlights. That right there blew my mind. How can you tell a truck in the middle of the night from their lights? Somehow she knew who it was and that her temporary beau would be with my future husband. We agreed to meet in a church parking lot and well the rest is history...and in the book lol.

Needless to say, we are very careful with our verbiage when our kids ask how we met. We say at church. Not in it.

The rest of Falling for You is fiction, but the ride is still sweet. It's a fast-paced, he falls first, secrets will tear them apart, country boy meets city girl romance. If you're interested, you can read the first few chapters on my website. The link can be found in my bio and here.

Happy reading!

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