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Book Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

Oh my Rhys

He made this book EVERYTHING

I should backup, because when we last left Feyre she was in love with Tamlin. As she should have been. She went under the mountain for him. Freed the fairies. And died.

Don't worry, she came back to life....

As the best freaking fairy ever! No spoilers...but holy shit she's badass.

Anyway, because of everything Feyre and Tamlin went through, they have some serious trauma that isn't dealt with. Tamlin is terrified to loose Feyre, going as far as to trap her in the palace with his magic. While Feyre is loosing her mind because of her PTSD.

Insert Rhys, the fairy we are supposed to hate.

From the moment I met him in book one, I knew he was special. While I love Feyre, I read the whole book because of him. He's sweet, and patient, and selfless, and doing his best to nurture Feyre, not stifle her.

A lot happens that I refuse to spoil. All I'm going to say is, if you liked book one, you will LOVE book two,

Five stars because Rhys is life... and the story line had me up late, not able to focus, and turned me into a mombie (mom zombie) for a solid week (2 days to read + 5 days of a book hangover)

I. highly, HIGHLY recommend.

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