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Book of the week is now book of the month...

Ya'll I tried.

I wanted to make daily blog posts and Insta posts, but time is not my friend. TikTok is a little easier because I can throw a fun bookish video into the mix but finding the time to create this much content has been hard.

I have seven more days to work on a secret project before I have to jump back into Neverland. I have a hard deadline of August first to finish The Isle of the Lost so it can go through edits and I can get paperbacks printed for giveaways.

I am working on art, stickers, and finishing the plot so it doesn't feel rushed. I really REALLY only want this series to be three books and to make that happen social media needs to fall by the wayside.

So, I will be doing a book of the month instead of the week. Each month there will be a coupon for discounted paperbacks through the site. If you haven't heard, Amazon is raising its printing costs for paperbacks. Unfortunately, that stream rolls down which means you will soon see an increase in book costs. My hope is to keep the prices the same on the website but I will let you know more as time comes.

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