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Today's shoutout goes to @always1morebook Thank you for the beautiful graphic and review! If you're not already a fan, head on over and give her a follow :)

The story starts off in the human realm and soon turns to a trip to Neverland. I loved how the story started and didn't jump right into the fantasy portion of the story. You get to know Wednesday (The FMC in the book) and her back story a bit before she travels to Neverland. Peter is definitely the lost soul in this story and you feel his pain as you are reading. There are a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting and they were fun to find out about. There are definitely some betrayals that I was not expecting and this book left on a doozy of a cliffhanger. I need book 2 now! There were a few unanswered questions and I felt I needed a bit more background on the curse that were not in the book that I hope we find answers to in the sequel.

If you love a different twist on the Peter Pan story, spicy intimate scenes and a strong FMC and a swoon worthy MMC, you will love this retelling.

****A note to the reader****

this is an ADULT retelling of Peter Pan. There is sex, drinking, foul language, kidnapping, and more.

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