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Today's beautiful graphic and review comes from@pottsalotsbooks

'The Lost Darling' by Bailey Black ⭐⭐⭐⭐ đŸŒ¶đŸŒ¶đŸŒ¶ This was my first Bailey Black book and it was a delightful quick read. I am seriously obsessed with hot Neverland retellings and Bailey Black's twist on the classic story is fresh and unique. Wednesday aka Wens feels like the undesirable and unwanted twin. And why shouldn't she? Her twin sister is about to marry her ex. The beginning of this book had me both laughing out loud at Wens' wit and sarcasm and shoutiny at her awful sister. My notes literally say, "BETRAYAL of the worst kind! I hate her sister!!" Oh, if that were only what the reader thinks is the worst betrayal in this book, they have another thing coming. Not only does the deliciously delectable Peter prove to lose Wens' trust, but the shocking twist and at the end of the story will leave your jaw on the floor.

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