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Beach Kisses, Sunset Wishes Blog tour

LAST CHANCE BEACH is the island paradise where dreams go to live again and wishes may

come true. It’s Summer’s End on the island, and the cottages, condos, hotels, and bungalows

are filled to capacity.

There’s still plenty of time to find summer fun and summer love, new romances and second

chances; hot alpha males and heartwarming heroes, beach bunnies, dudes, and romance

popping up when you least expect it.

Throw a log on the beach bonfire tonight and celebrate LAST CHANCE BEACH: Summer’s

End, a special collection of 14 short stories from bestselling authors—all new, never published

before—that will thrill the hopeful romantic in you. Some stories are sweet; some are sizzling

hot. All will touch your heart and make you want to book a vacation to LAST CHANCE BEACH!

Authors and Titles:

Hot August Night by Joan Reeves, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Can a chef and a hot dog loving cop resist desire when they’re forced to share the same

overbooked beach cottage?

Something New by Liz Flaherty, USA Today Bestselling Author

Their lives are all planned out--until they're not.

I Do…Again by Nancy Fraser, Amazon Top 100 Author

Can they re-ignite what they once had and take a last chance on love?

The Man in Gull Cottage by Caroline Clemmons, Amazon Top 100 Author

Will the solution to her dilemma drive them apart or into one another's arms?

That One Summer by Maddie James, Amazon Top 100 Author

He's the one who got away. She's the one who couldn't commit.

Romancing the Spouse by Jan Scarbrough, Amazon Bestselling Author

Can she turn back the clock to save her marriage?

Blue Sky Summer by Kathleen Lawless, Amazon Bestselling Author

Of all the beaches on the coast, who does she see again? Him!

Hangover Husband by Bonnie Edwards, Amazon Bestselling Author

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there

One Last Shot by Marcia King-Gamble, National Bestselling Author

She can run, but can she hide? Will love still find her?

Secondhand Hearts by Kathryn Hills, Award Winning Author

Life takes you down many winding paths. Will theirs lead to love on Last Chance Beach?

Paradise Perfume by Connie Vines, Award Winning Author

Fragrance and love cannot be hidden.

Dreams of the Past by Laura Hunsaker, Award Winning Author

Can dreams of the future erase her nightmares of the past?

Beach Kisses & Sunset Wishes by Nora LeDuc

She wants someone interested in a fling. He wants someone interested in a ring.

Frankie McKinley’s last three relationships went up in flames. Her best bud insists she needs to relax, have a fling. But Frankie’s not into casual hookups. She vows to resist the lure of romantic

Last Chance Beach and take a break from men. She’ll concentrate on her dream, opening a giftshop. Or so she’d promised herself until the morning her gaze locks with the handsome Sean Thomas-Michael’s sea-blue eyes.

Can't Buy Me Love by Hannah Rowan

Things aren't always what they seem.


His brows shot up with interest. His lips parted slightly. Blue eyes that matched the sea drew

Frankie to him and caused a sensation of dizziness to dance in her head. She was aware she was staring, but she couldn’t stop.

The squawk of a bird broke through the scrape of forks against dishes and the murmur of

voices. The noises faded away. Even the thud of her heart seemed to pause when he nodded to her.

“Attention, everyone.” A server standing nearby with a carafe of coffee interrupted Frankie’s

moment. “MacDyver has been sighted.”

“Quick the food.” Tikki covered their meals with napkins.

Silverware clinked as diners dropped their utensils and popped up their overhead covers–– their futile attempt at protection. As Frankie shoved her chair back to open their umbrella, she peeked at the man.

He picked up his toast and held it for a second. The seagull struck. With one swoop MacDyver grabbed the bread from his fingertips. A hush settled over the throng, and the bird soared heavenward with a snide cackle out the side of his beak and disappeared.

All gazes fell on the stranger MacDyver had robbed as he rose to his six-foot-plus height.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nora grew up in rural New England where she currently lives with her family. She enjoys visiting and spending time with her friends, the Winettes, in Florida, where she continues to write. Her current book, Beach Kisses, Sunset Wishes is her seventeenth. In October, Christmas at the Easy Breezy will be released. You can find Nora on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook and her website: She also contributes to the Romance Gems’ Blog every month.

Author interview:

My Path to Published Author. WORK

I wrote my first romance before self-publishing was a wide option. I spent every

afternoon after the job, writing on my used IBM and then saving to my floppy disk. One day I

found a notice about a contest for romance authors in the RWA magazine. You only had to

submit twenty pages. No synopsis required.

This would be perfect, I thought. I’d get feedback and find out how great my masterpiece

was. So I entered. I don’t remember how long I waited for my results to arrive in the mail. I’d

say at least three months. In the meantime, I kept an eye on the mailbox. Finally, the manila

envelope with my evaluation sheet arrived. I tore the flap open. The judges included a list of the

submission titles and where they ranked according to your scores. Well, mine scored near the

bottom. I read the notes. Unfortunately, they all made sense.

What to do now? Once I recovered from the big disappointment, I shelved the story idea.

I wanted a fresh start. As part of the new improved project, I stopped writing my colonial novel

which I learned was a dead market. I moved to pirates.

I loved reading these stories and researching their ships, their exploits were as

entertaining for me. At the same time, I was helping students at school write Women in History

papers. I happened upon Maria Mitchell, the first woman astronomer. Instantly I knew my

heroine would be an astronomer, assisting her father chart courses for the sailors. But she also

worked in the town library. Books were her second love. In my exploration of pirates, I came

across an article about a sea captain who’d been captured by buccaneers and forced to sail and

take part in their raids. In one attack he was able to slip over the side and swim to shore.

However, his life was never the same. People accused him of treason. At a trial, he was found

innocent, but public opinion believed otherwise. Society treated him as guilty until his death.

This was my hero. I began writing Miss McNeal’s Pirate. Every evening, I tapped away

on my old computer and saved my daily accomplishments. I decided to get a critique from a

fellow writer. This was useful. No, my manuscript wasn’t ready for submission, but I was off to

a good start. Okay, I’d take that feedback as a positive. I strengthened weak points. Listened to

speakers at my monthly RWA chapter. I rewrote, studied other romances and movie plots, etc.


Then I got brave. I submitted to a contest. I don’t honestly remember where I scored

except mine wasn’t at the low end. And the comments were positive! One published judge noted

I should shine this up and submit. Another told me to make the minor suggested revisions and

send to a publisher.

Well, I did. Kensington had started a line called Precious Gems. They were looking for

authors! And the rest is history. I still keep the poster of Miss McNeal’s Pirate in the kitchen

where I see cover every day.

Fast-forward to now. I’m on a different adventure. I’m part of the box set of Last Chance

Beach that contains 14 fabulous short stories. Don’t miss out.


This was a quick easy read. I finished it in one sitting. It was good but not something I'd pick up again. It is instant love, so if that's something you like, I recommend checking it out.

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