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A little Bad

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New spin on an old book! BAD BAD BAD was unsafe for Amazon, so I edited the story a bit to make it acceptable, including the cover. This book is just A Little BAD BAD BAD...ha! There isn't any new content and the changes I made don't impact the story greatly. If you've read BAD BAD BAD, you don't need to read this one again. The original "unsafe" version can be found on my website. Both versions will be available on paperback and will continue to remain available for sale on my site. Thanks for your support!



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From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes a steamy, forbidden romance!

She’s all grown up.

My best friend’s daughter is now the ultimate temptation.

Hot. Sultry. A craving I can’t ignore.

I’ll break the rules of a lifelong friendship just to have a taste.

But one taste isn’t enough.

He’ll kill me once he realizes I’ve broken the unspoken code.

As the town’s sheriff, I know he’s more than capable.

Problem is, I don’t care.

I want her again and again because she’s mine.

I’ll take my chances with her father because the reward is that sweet.

It feels good to be a little BAD BAD BAD

***This story is an edited “safe” version of a previous “unsafe” edition found on K’s website.***

Enjoy the entire Taboo Treat series today!

A Little BAD BAD BAD (originally Bad Bad Bad)

Coach Long

Ex-Rated Attraction

Mr. Blakely




Lawn Boys

Renner’s Rules

The Glue



Red Hot Winter

Dr. Dan

***These can be read in any order as they’re meant to stand alone from each other but set in the same naughty town. Each book follows a different couple.***

BAD BAD BAD (unedited version)

Signed Paperback and Ebook:



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