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In Too Deep- A Second Chance, Fake Dating Romance novel by BaileyBBooks

A wedding.
A lie.
And regret.
I'm in over my head with not one, but two, ex-boyfriends at the same wedding. Both of which I haven't seen in over a year. When the one who ripped my heart into pieces backs me into a corner, I grab the other and kiss him.
Yup. This is how I end up fake dating Noah Ruckers, and let me tell you it's an emotional roller coaster.
I thought I'd put my feelings for him behind me. We spent years as friends after our break up, nothing more.
But no matter how hard I try I can’t forget what his lips feel like.
Or the way his arms wrap around me.
In two days I'm walking away.
There is no future for us.
But that doesn't mean I can't pretend.

Reading Tropes: 

  • Fake dating

  • Second chance

  • Friends to lovers

  • Everybody can see it

  • Traumatic Pasts

  • Recovered Addict

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