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She’s beautiful. Fierce. Nothing at all like the girl I used to know, which is absolutely terrifying because Danika Winters is the only person outside of that room who knows the truth. She could ruin me, and I’m not talking about my reputation. I couldn’t give two shits about what the kids at St. A’s think. I’m talking major, life altering, jail time ruined.I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her quiet. Even if it means destroying the only person I’ve ever cared about. 


They say when you meet the person you’re supposed to be with, time stops. Your brain takes in every microdetail, committing it all to memory, and you’re hit with this unexplainable need. A need to get to know that person, talk to that person, simply be beside that person. And then there’s the kiss. A fire spreading, earth-shattering, kiss that wipes all others from your memory. I’ve felt that pull towards someone once, and it consumed me. I wasn’t supposed to fall for my middle school best friend. But he wasn’t supposed to break my heart. 

Reading Tropes:


  • Enemies to Lovers

  •  High School Bully

  •  Athlete Antihero

  •  First Love

  •  Girl Next Door

Please be warned, this book ends on a cliffhanger. You must read Part 2 to see their happily ever after.  For those who get to the end and might be angry with me... no. She didn't go through with it 

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