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Copy editing encompasses mechanics like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

This process aims to produce the most readable manuscript 

by correcting outright mistakes and inconsistencies.


Line editing is a particular type of copy editing that focuses mostly on style. 

This process takes much longer, as it has to do with the more 

interpretive aspects of your story that could use a bit of finessing.

Examples of what I look for while copy and line editing:

 Subject/verb agreement

Spelling and proper word usage

Pronoun reference/agreement

Parallel structure

Compound sentence commas

Introductory commas


Run-on sentences

Plurals and possessives

Punctuation usage

Awkward phrasing

Word choices and overuse

Plot, character, scene, and detail consistency (red or silver car, 

mom’s name, color of room, etc.)

Showing vs. Telling (body language during an argument, how the street looks, and how the weather feels on the way 

home, where certain body parts are located during a steamy scene, and what character

is thinking about and physically experiencing in that moment, etc.).

And much more...


Line and copy editing will begin when you finish your final draft and will 

always take place after content editing.

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