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Beautifully Broken by BaileyBBooks a contemporary romance novel with a traumatized girl and the hockey player


Most people don’t think about the day they’ll die. They coast through life, blissfully unaware of how their time is ticking away. I wasn’t like most people. I welcomed death, wanted her to take me away from the prison I called life, but she refused. I tried twice only to survive. And then, when I thought I had nothing left it came. 

A reason to live. 

Rex was a small, unexpected ray of light my world of darkness that blossomed into a beam of sunshine. I thought, maybe this was why Death didn’t take me. Maybe she knew that if I held on a little longer things would turn around. But the third time Death came to my door wasn’t by choice. Someone else brought her, and I fear this time she might take me. 


Being the son of a country star sucks. My parents are never around, I move every year or so, and I have no real friends. Everyone around me has an agenda. Everyone except Piper Lovelace. I can’t get that girl to notice me. Trust me I’ve tried. 
Thankfully, fate stepped in and gave me the break I needed. I’ve got her attention, now I need her to give me a chance. 

Reading Tropes:

  •  High School Romance

  •  Fated Love

  •  Hockey Player and Emo girl

  •  First Love

  • Traumatic Past

Warning: This book may contain triggers. Piper has to overcome the trauma of a near rape and growing up with a prostitute as a mother. There is foul language in this book as well as a few sketchy situations. However, there are no graphic details depicting Piper's trauma. Don't worry, despite what happens, Piper gets her HEA.

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